Linkedin Update: 5 New Tips To Boost Your Business Profile For Maximum Impact


Linkedin is a powerful and sophisticated social media platform where you can position yourself for the right people to locate and connect with you. This social media is meant for individual and brand use alike. As a business owner or brand, using LinkedIn to create awareness and reach out to a broader audience is the best practice you can follow. The best way to show the skills, competence, and professionalism you’ve got is by leveraging LinkedIn.

Many have been taking advantage of this platform to the best use, while some are still reluctant to put in the work. The year 2023 is going to be a tremendous year for those who are already on LinkedIn and those who are about scale up and have a better profile, like LinkedIn top companies 2022. There are lots of changes on LinkedIn that every user, individual, and company should be aware of for building and optimizing their presence on the platform. And this is what this article is going to be unveiling to us.

Things you should put in the proper position before the upcoming LinkedIn changes

These are the features that are handy and will help boost your profile. Working around these features will give you a quick win that your brand and profile demand in no short time.

Choosing the right profile picture: your profile picture is your first point of call that will get you noticed. In setting a profile picture on LinkedIn, don’t make the mistake of using just anyhow picture for your profile because this dictates the impression that people will have about you. Ensure to set up a recent picture that reveals your real identity. Your face should take about 60% of the picture, putting on official wear with a smile.

Include a background photo: using a background picture at the top of your profile page attracts attention. Set the right LinkedIn banner size 2022 showing things that matter to you and your brand. With the background picture, you will stand out from others and commands attention.

Don’t limit your headline to the job title: the description on your profile should not be about the job title alone. Use this feature to talk about your position and your view about it, what makes you choose what you are doing. You should have more than job titles as this will benefit you.

Make your summary your story: the summary feature of your LinkedIn should not be ignored or left blank. You should utilize it correctly to tell a catchy story about yourself or your brand. The summary section shouldn’t be used to list skills or job titles. You should be creative about it by turning those skills and titles into stories on how you have used them and why they matter, and the difference you have made with those skills and can still make with them.

Make your services known: this is one of the new features on LinkedIn that is useful for most freelancers, consultants, and small business workers. With this feature, you can easily showcase the services you render and give yourself visibility and recognition on the platform.

Helpful LinkedIn Tips for 2023

With LinkedIn 2023 tips, you can get the most out of your profile page by making yourself relevant.

Initiate all necessary updates: if the logo, profile image, and or banner is still what you had when you created your account, this is the right time to update all for 2023 changes. You should update your banner regularly to promote your business and services with suitable sizes. For your profiles, you can use 400 x 400px for the profile photos and 1584 x 396px for the cover photos. For the Business page, the Logo should be 300 x 300px, while the cover photo should be 1128 x 191px.

Publish articles directly: LinkedIn has a native publishing tool for all users on the platform to post articles. With frequent use of the tool, your content can have an extra algorithm boost and appear in search results. If you have a website with a blog, you can re-publish the content on your LinkedIn page. However, if you have a personal account and not a business page, you should make use of this feature as well to be in the spotlight. Before posting, the best time to post on LinkedIn 2022 that the audience will engage with should be considered.

Use LinkedIn analytics tool: to increase your engagement in 2023, one helpful tip is increasing your engagement. Engagement can be improved by knowing your followers and those engaging with your content. With this, you will tailor your content towards these audiences, as these people will benefit you the most.

With LinkedIn analytics, you will know the content performing the most, how people engage with your content, and the days and times they are most active on LinkedIn. It lets you know your competitors and their performance to gauge your activities.

Carve out new strategies for 2023: LinkedIn is not a static social media platform, they keep improving its services and tools to benefit all users and brands. New strategies will bring about changes in 2023, as well as promoting profiles and pages. These new strategies will allow you to create polls that are relevant to your services and or company which will increase your engagement.

You can post live events that will help you to interact with your audience and get feedback from them. With frequent publishing of articles, your brand or services will become known to the audience.


Linkedin is a great way to turn your brand, business, company, and profile around for the best. And for 2023, you need to put in the work to take advantage of the changes that LinkedIn is bringing to improve the platform. Using tools and the available features to the fullness will get you known beyond the circles of your followers and connections alone. Take advantage of this growing social media platform for personal, brand, and company use.

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