LinkedIn Search Hacks: 7 Tips for Effective Networking.


LinkedIn Search Tool Introduction:

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Using the LinkedIn Search Tool, you can find people by name, partial name, location or job. Using filters to narrow down your results keeps you from going over LinkedIn’s limit. In addition, you can also find available jobs in your field.

In addition, over 12 million LinkedIn members are signaling their availability to work. For those looking to employ, this is a great pool of candidates to vet through. In this article, we will show you the best practices and strategies in using the LinkedIn Search Tool to help you succeed in your industry.

How to Search For People on Linked In

LinkedIn hosts a huge global network of professionals. In fact, LinkedIn has members in 200 countries and regions worldwide! In this article, we will show you how to find the right people on LinkedIn using the search tool. Whether it be employers, candidates, or prospects, LinkedIn helps you connect with the right people.

Steps to Search For People on LinkedIn

  1. Enter your keyword into the Search bar at the top of the page
  2. Select the member from suggestions that appear in the dropdown, or click Sell all results at the bottom of the LinkedIn search.

7 Tips to search for the right people on LinkedIn

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  1. Search By Name
    • If you are looking for a specific candidate, the LinkedIn Search bar lets you search by first name, last name, title, and keyword.
    • When using keyword searching, try to find the title of the candidates you are looking for. For example: “Software Engineering Graduate”.
    • Note: LinkedIn offers another option: a People You May Know page that provides a list of possible connections you can invite into your network. You can also search the alumni page for anyone you went to school with.
  2. Be Aware of LinkedIn Search Limits
    • The number of searches per month is limited with a basic membership. If you go above the limit, LinkedIn assumes you’re gathering names for a sales pitch or as a recruiter. You can upgrade to a premium plan, such as Recruiter or Sales Navigator, that allows unlimited searches. Otherwise, when you hit your limit, you’re out of luck until the first of the following month.
    • Here with Premier Connect, all of our clients use Sales Navigator to facilitate unlimited useful searching.
  3. Make Contact
    • After you have established a connection with the person you are wishing to speak to, feel free to formally message them! From the LinkedIn search tool are where a lot of networking relationships are built!
    • LinkedIn is one of the top destinations for job seekers. Recognizing the central role it plays in connecting aspiring employers and employees, LinkedIn has revamped its hiring tools to build a streamlined pipeline for applicants and leads. It has combined a large batch of existing tools into a comprehensive set so hiring managers can recruit the best talent.
  4. Search by Region
    • This seems obvious enough, when using the LinkedIn search tool, it is beneficial to target a specific region. If you are looking to hire locally, check your region for viable candidates.
    • If you are looking for prospects, your search can be a bit more broad, but narrowing down region helps the LinkedIn Search algorithm.
  5. Optimize Your Profile
    • Finding the right people is half the battle. After you establish contact, you want to make the person understand who you are and what you do. The best way to do this is by completing your LinkedIn profile.
      • Have a Profile Picture
      • Have a background LinkedIn Banner Don’t have a LinkedIn Background Banner? Reach out to our PM staff today to get one!
      • List all qualifying experience
      • Highlight recent experience
      • List all prior education
      • Customize Your Public Profile URL
      • Make sure your profile is public
      • Try to stay active on LinkedIn!
  6. Using Boolean operators in the LinkedIn search feature
    • A Boolean operator allows you to combine different elements or specify what you’re looking for  in a search field using a keyword. The keyword itself, but also the field “Title”, “First name”, “Last name”, “School” and “Company” thanks to a linking word or a special character
  7. Do not exceed 1000 search results
    • Although LinkedIn has millions of viable candidates, it is best to stick to first 1,000 that your search results show. After that, you may be reaching for people not necessarily fitting your criteria.

How To Search For Jobs on LinkedIn

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Over 12 million LinkedIn members are signaling their availability to work. This large mass of eager candidates occupy LinkedIn because of the fact that lucrative and career-boosting jobs are constantly being posted on the platform.

Why Should you use LinkedIn for your job search?

Per the Jobvite Recruiter Nation Survey, 87 percent of recruiters use LinkedIn as part of their candidate search. LinkedIn is a great place for employers to vet their candidates and see what they are really made of. That is why even if you are not using the LinkedIn Search Tool to find a job, you should still create and optimize your profile.

7 Tips to search for the right job on LinkedIn

  1. Use filters and search preferences
    • Filters and search preferences help you narrow down the job search so you can find a position that really satisfies you in every way. There are many many jobs on the platform, so do not be afraid to get picky!
      • Search by skills.
      • Search remote jobs.
      • Search hashtags.
      • Search posts.
      • Search groups.
  2. Optimize Your Profile
    • As we mentioned earlier, optimizing your profile makes all the difference when using LinkedIn Search Tool. It helps people on the platform exactly who you are, what you can do for them, and how you can help them!
  3. Follow Companies
    • If you have dream companies that you could see yourself working for in the future, follow them so that you can keep up with what they are up to! Many large companies tend to post on the platform when they are looking to fill specific positions.
  4. Fill out Career Interests Section
    • Make sure you fill out the career interests section, this gives you the ability to set up preferences for your job search
  5. Let People Know You are Available
    • If you are open for work, make sure you use the optimized profile picture option, and take the opportunity to optimize your headline as well. For example “Engineering Graduate Seeking Work” can help employers know exactly where you stand in the job market.
  6. Look for people in your industry, or fellow alumni
    • In the same way you would network at live events, use LinkedIn to build relationships with people who have common interests/backgrounds . It never hurts to make more fellow alumni friends.
  7. Network: build build build
    • Your connections can exponentially increase your exposure and access to other connections. Do your best to put on a virtual smile and go out there and network. You never know what conversation will open doors in your career that change your life.

Final Thoughts: LinkedIn Search Tool

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LinkedIn has become one of the most popular platform for employers, business owners, job seekers, and every other role in the professional business space. As you get more familiar with the platform, be sure to use the LinkedIn Search Tool to its greatest advantage!

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