LinkedIn Lead Generation: 13 Effective Strategies for 2022.


What is LinkedIn Lead Generation?

Lead generation encompasses all activities relating to the identification and cultivation of potential customers. Companies use a variety of sales and marketing tactics to generate leads, but it is essential to have well-defined processes in place.

Specifically for LinkedIn, LinkedIn Lead Generation refers to when you prospect contacts from LinkedIn and use them in a sales funnel strategy to help bring your business more clientele. In this article, we will discuss strategies that help you make more closes on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Lead Generation Tips:

  1. Optimize your Linkedin profile to attract leads.
  2. Post on Linkedin frequently to generate interest.
  3. Find leads with Sales Navigator.
  4. Get emails from Linkedin for lead-generating tips.
  5. Send personalized messages to leads and prospects.
  6. Send relevant follow-ups
  7. Automate your Linkedin lead generation campaigns
  8. Send unlimited Inmails in LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  9. Use boolean search when generating leads.
  10. Organize Linkedin events
  11. Steal your competitor’s audience
  12. Use Linkedin Account Based Marketing
  13. Hack Linkedin Ads with Linkedin Sales Navigator

1. Optimize your Linkedin profile to attract leads.

It’s important to optimize your LinkedIn profile for sales if you want to generate leads on the platform. Your profile is the first thing people will see when you send them a connection request, so you want to make sure it makes a good impression. At the very least, optimize the elements that are visible on the connection request. Having an optimized profile is one of the most essential LinkedIn lead generation strategies. Make sure you have a 

  • Picture:  Your profile picture is your first point of call that will get you noticed. In setting a profile picture on LinkedIn, don’t make the mistake of using just any picture for your profile because this dictates the impression that people will have about you. Ensure to set up a recent picture that reveals your real identity. Your face should take up about 60% of the picture, putting on official wear with a smile.
  • Optimized Headline:  If you want to connect with someone, it’s likely that they’ll check your profile to learn more about you.
  • Relevant Posts: You can post live events that will help you to interact with your audience and get feedback from them. With frequent publishing of articles, your brand or services will become known to the audience.

2. Post on Linkedin frequently to generate interest.

Unlike Twitter, it’s still relatively easy to become a LinkedIn influencer. My first post on LinkedIn garnered 50,000 views. You just need to be consistent and post good content frequently. Posting on LinkedIn allows you to get exposed to thousands of people every day and start conversations with new leads. After posting on LinkedIn, you can start conversations with people who liked or commented on your post.

Post Types that resonate well with audiences include: 

1. Celebrations:

2. How To’s: Teach your users how to do something industry-specific. Provide value to the reader.

3. Tell a Story: Give a true anecdote that is captivating.

4. Comments for Content: : Ask people to comment your post in exchange for a content.

linkedin b2b lead generation

3. Find leads with Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a powerful tool that can help you start prospecting on LinkedIn. With more than 30 filters, it makes it easy to target your potential customers.

Filters that you can use in Sales Navigator Include:

  • Job Title 
  • Demographics
  • Company Size

Sales Navigator offers an Unlimited Search feature that allows users to conduct an unlimited number of searches per month, unlike the LinkedIn Basic Search. This function makes it easy to build high quality lead lists and find decision makers in the right companies.

Sales Navigator has many features that facilitate lead generation on LinkedIn. If you want to learn more about how Sales Navigator works, here is a complete tutorial.

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4. Get emails from Linkedin for lead-generating tips.

You just need to download the Evaboot Chrome Extension and click on the button: Extract with Evaboot After you have configured a target audience with LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you can extract the data from your conversions. LinkedIn offers Evaboot to extract your leads and find their emails.

5. Send personalized messages to leads and prospects.

When it comes to LinkedIn scripting, you want your approach to be as personable and unique as possible. Sending the same vague message to everyone usually leads to abysmal conversion rates. If you are on the LinkedIn platform, you have probably received a terrible linkedin prospecting message.

Some mistakes to avoid include: 

1. Immediately trying to hop in a meeting.

2. Talking only about yourself

3. Arguing

Some Good Scripting Tips Include:

1. Speak of your outreach

2. Ask if the person has a problem you can solve

3. Show relevant data

4. Give a good reason to reply

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6. Send Relevant Follow Ups

When dealing with leads and prospects, following up is essential. A lot of the time you may have a warm lead, and taking that extra step to touch base will make the difference between a close and a lost connection.

7. Use Automation as Frequently as Possible

Although we want campaigns to have a strategy be genuine and leaves an impact, marketing comes down to a numbers game. When it comes to lead generation, you want to streamline as many of the processes as possible. This can mean having scripting, to additional software.

8.  Send unlimited Inmail in LinkedIn Sales Navigator

With your purchase of LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you get access to unlimited Inmail. Use that to your full advantage by prospecting for as many leads as possible. Also, use this time to promote products you are selling such as e-books or online courses. 

9. Use Boolean Search

The Boolean search operator is a valuable tool for LinkedIn users looking to find specific leads. The operator allows you to combine different elements in a search field, narrowing the results down to only the most relevant leads. You can specify what you’re looking for using keywords in the fields of Title, First name, Last name, School, and Company. By using a linking word or special character, you can ensure that your search returns the most accurate results.

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10. Organize LinkedIn Events

Instead of using Zoom / Google Meet, LinkedIn now lets you organize live events and host livestreams directly from their platform. Next time you organize a webinar, try to host it on LinkedIn – this allows you to collect the LinkedIn profiles of your prospects. After the webinar is over, you can reach out to these people and start conversations to see if you can get some deals out of this event.

11. Steal your competitor’s audience

To gain a competitive edge, take a deep dive into your competitors and understand what their attracted audience is. You can use LinkedIn and additional software to export connections to email lists. Once you have the list in an Excel file, you can upload it into your favorite LinkedIn outreach tool to start contacting these people.

12.  Use Linkedin Account Based Marketing

LinkedIn Account Based Marketing is an advanced LinkedIn lead generation strategy designed to make sales and marketing work hand in hand. It’s a sales-oriented marketing approach that flips the classic inbound Marketing Funnel. If your Sales team complains about the quality of the leads that your Marketing Department is providing, this strategy is made for you.

13. Hack Linkedin Ads with Linkedin Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Account Based Marketing is a sales-oriented marketing approach that flips the classic inbound Marketing Funnel. If your Sales team complains about the quality of the leads that your Marketing Department is providing, this strategy may be right for you.

Here is the process:

  1. Marketing & Sales map together the accounts they want to close
  2. Sales and Marketing coordinates their efforts to get meetings
  3. Sales are only getting meetings with qualified leads

Linkedin Sales Navigator provides many tools to help you implement

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LinkedIn Lead Generation Closing Points

LinkedIn has been shown to be an effective platform for acquiring quality leads. The platform is not just about collecting the first and last names of your leads but about building a deeper connection with them through sustainable and natural means.

Many marketers lack the understanding of which tools, tips, and strategies to implement in order to offer maximum value and build deeper relationships with prospects. Try these time-tested hacks to give your lead generation efforts the organic boost it needs, effortlessly and purposefully.

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