LinkedIn Connection: How to Remove Connections on LinkedIn? Easy Ways to Remove a LinkedIn Connection Without the Other Person Knowing


LinkedIn is a powerful platform for professional networking, and over time, you may find your connections list growing substantially. While expanding your network can be beneficial, there might come a time when you need to disconnect with some connections. Whether you want to declutter your network, improve your feed’s relevance, or have a specific reason, it’s essential to know how to remove connections on LinkedIn properly.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to remove connections on LinkedIn effectively. We’ll cover everything from accessing your connections list to managing the process with professionalism. So, let’s dive in.

Before You Remove a LinkedIn Connection
Before You Remove a LinkedIn Connection

Before You Remove a LinkedIn Connection

Before you embark on the journey of removing connections, take some time to consider your reasons and review your connections. Firstly, think about the reason for wanting to remove the connection. Is it due to a disagreement or conflict, or simply because you no longer have a professional relationship with the person? It is essential to assess the potential impact on your network and reputation before proceeding.

Removing a connection may sever ties with not only that individual but also their connections, potentially limiting future opportunities. Additionally, consider the potential consequences if the person notices and questions the removal. It is crucial to handle the situation diplomatically and professionally to avoid burning bridges and damaging relationships within your professional network. 

How to Delete Connections on LinkedIn Network
How to Delete Connections on LinkedIn Network

How to Delete Connections on LinkedIn Network?

  1. Accessing Your Connections: To get started, log in to your LinkedIn account and click on the “My Network” tab at the top.
  2. Initiating the Removal Process: On the left side, you’ll find a list of your connections. Scroll and click on the connection you wish to remove, which will take you to their profile.
  3. Confirming the Removal: On the connection’s profile, click on the three dots next to the “Message” button. Select “Remove connection” from the dropdown menu. LinkedIn will ask you to confirm your decision; click “Remove” again.
Best Practices for Removing LinkedIn Contacts from your Profile
Best Practices for Removing LinkedIn Contacts from your Profile

Best Practices for Removing LinkedIn Contacts from your Profile

  • Be Respectful and Considerate: When removing a connection from your LinkedIn profile, remember that professionalism is key. Ensure you have a valid reason, and do it with respect.
  • Sending a Personal Message (Optional): If you have a close professional relationship with the person, consider sending a polite message explaining your decision.

After You Remove Someone on LinkedIn

After you’ve removed connections, take a moment to reflect on your actions and consider ways to maintain a healthy LinkedIn network.

How to Remove LinkedIn Connections in Bulk
How to Remove LinkedIn Connections in Bulk

How to Remove LinkedIn Connections in Bulk

Removing LinkedIn connections in bulk can be a time-consuming task, especially if you have a large network. However, there is a way to streamline the process. First, go to your connections page on LinkedIn. Then, click on the Manage All dropdown menu and select Remove Connections. 

Next, you can filter your connections by various criteria such as location, industry, and company. Once you have selected the connections you want to remove, click on the Remove button. LinkedIn will then prompt you to confirm your decision. This method allows you to remove multiple connections at once, saving you valuable time and effort. 


In conclusion, removing connections on LinkedIn can be a valuable move in certain situations. It allows users to streamline their network and focus on relationships that are relevant and meaningful to their professional goals. Removing connections can also help maintain privacy and control over the information shared on the platform. However, it is important to approach this process with thoughtfulness and tact, as it may impact relationships and potential opportunities.

Building and nurturing the right connections can contribute greatly to career growth, so it is crucial to evaluate the reasons for removing someone from your network and consider the potential repercussions before taking any action. 


  1. Why should I remove connections on LinkedIn?
    Removing connections can help you maintain a more relevant and meaningful network, improving the quality of your LinkedIn experience.
  1. Is there a limit to the number of connections I can have?
    LinkedIn has a limit of 30,000 connections for most users. However, quality is more important than quantity.
  1. Can removed connections re-add me?
    Yes, they can send you a new connection request, but it’s essential to consider whether you want to reconnect.
  1. Will the removed connection be notified?
    LinkedIn does not notify connections when you remove them.
  1. How can I prevent unwanted connection requests?
    You can manage your connection requests by adjusting your privacy settings and being selective about accepting new requests.

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