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Great For Indv. Professionals

$400 / Month

Save $1,200

Reach Up To 3,000 Prospects

*3 Month Minimum Contract


Great For Small Businesses

$1200 / Month

Save $3,600

Generate Qualified Leads On Your Calendar

*3 Month Minimum Contract


Great For Indv. Professionals

$500 / Month

Reach Up To 3,000 Prospects

*3 Month Minimum Contract

90-Day Start-Up Package

Great For Small Businesses

$1500 / Month

Generate Qualified Leads On Your Calendar

*3 Month Minimum Contract

*Contingent on having an open and available calendar schedule, script worked on together, and lead qualification based on each industry.

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Cloud-based (Very Safe)
Multiple Campaign Types
Works with Free LinkedIn
Full Profile Optimization
Canned Answer Implementation
Conversations Labeled and Organized
In-platform Messaging
Comprehensive Proprietary Blacklist
Multiple Contact Pipelines
API and Zapier Integration
Access to Support
Integrated SMS and Calling
Task Management/Searches by Our Team
Monthly Meeting with Our Team
Integrated Calendar Verification
Multiple Account Integration
Customized Personal Calendar
Seamlessly Email Contacts
Bi-Weekly Reporting & Strategy
Optimized Data Share Access
All Inbox Responses Managed
Dedicated Account Manager
Guaranteed Qualified Leads
Bonus Account Installation
Custom LinkedIn Banner
In-House CRM Access

Calculate your return on investment with the utilization of Premier Connect

Use the calculator and adjust to see how much you can earn with our LinkedIn automations.

This is calculated based on 3,000 monthly invites that can be sent using any Premier Connect package. With 30% invite acceptance rate (industry average) and 10-20% positive response rate and 20 leads per month average.

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With Premier Connect, you’ll earn:

ROI -1x

Target Your Prospects.

Hone in on your target audience and reach specific prospects through various filtering methods.

Generate More Leads.

Set up automated campaigns to reach out to qualified customers and increase your closing rate.

Grow Your Network.

Quickly grow your professional network with our automated systems, and meet your next client much faster.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Our tool has limitations and usage to comply with LinkedIn rules with a combination of advanced algorithms. Alongside that, we provide dedicated IP’s which have led us to have a 0% ban rate.

You can send a maximum of ~3,000 total types of requests out as that is the limitation we put on to keep all accounts secure and compliant.

One of the many benefits of joining us is that you get Sales Navigator ($90/ month) totally free as we include that in our costs.

Yes, you can do it at any time.

Our results so far from the average LinkedIn invite acceptance rate is 40%. Note: Every industry/profile is different. There are multiple factors like your message copy, LinkedIn profile optimization, time, as well as target profile, and industry.

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