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First, what's your name?

Nice to meet you! What's the website for your business?

Great! Next, please provide your LinkedIn Account Information.

Let's personalize your Target Audience.

To make sure you get the most out of us, let's tailor our solution to your needs. Starting off with figuring out your target audience.

Please give us a brief description of your company.

Describe to us in your viewpoint who is your ideal customer/ client.

Feel free to list out as many as possible; starting with most important.

Additionaly, who is NOT your ideal customer?

Feel free to list out as many as possible.

What specific industries do you want to target?

Feel free to list out as many as possible; starting with most important.

Please specify if you target only a specific geographic location.

Please include specific states, countries, regions, ect.

What specific position/ role does your ideal customer/ client hold?

Choose multiple if there are many.

What is the company size/ headcount you would like to target?

Choose the one you would like to focus on most.

Should your ideal customer/ client have been in the position for a certain amount or have a certain amount of experience?

Ex. New to their position since your offer helps new members get adjusted.

Please provide 2-5 LinkedIn groups your customer/ client can be found in.

This can be groups you are currently part of or by searching for new groups on LinkedIn.

Please list out any other information regarding targeting you think would help us!

Any other relevant information or specifics that weren't asked or more in-detail answers you'd like to provide. (Example: If specific keywords are relevant to you, insert them here or upload them.)

Next, Let's personalize your Scripting & create an Irresistible Offer.

Let's tailor our solution to your needs to make sure you get the most out of us. The message sequence is essential to stand out from the crowd.

What are some qualifying questions to determine if the prospect is qualified vs. unqualified?

Please list anything you would differentiate between a good lead and a bad one.

What is your power statement?

Example: I specialize in consulting with high-level female executive leadership teams/ operations roles (COO) in California.

Do you have any special offers or bonuses you offer to clients?

Example: First-time Client Discount, Holiday Specials, Referral Bonuses.

What are the key benefits your clients get after working with you?

Example: The confidence to hire & scale. Consistent lead flow and revenue. Time freedom and money freedom to do more of the things you love.

What can you give away for free to get highly-targeted prospects introduced to your services?

Example: Free Hiring Consultation, Website Analysis PDF, Cheat Sheets/ Checklists, Talent Acquisition Tip Sheet.

Do you have any pre-made scripts or content we can use in your messaging?

If so, please upload them here.

Final touches on the Sales Process, Communication, & our Goals.

Let's set up your backend system to ensure you get the most out of us. This will help you achieve your goals throughout the sales journey and internal/ external communication.

Do you currently utilize a CRM?

As a Premier client, you have access to our fully robust CRM (for free) so that we can link your LinkedIn to the CRM to keep all contacts in one place, create a calendar link, track leads coming in, create email campaigns, and much more!

Who is your email service provider?

This will be needed to connect with our CRM, so we have a branded email sending out for appointment confirmations & reminders.

What do you use as your primary online calendar system?

This will be needed to integrate with our CRM to ensure no double bookings happen and is scheduled based on your availability.

What is your 6-month ROI goal?

Example: $100k of new business.

In your own words, what would you consider success with Premier Connect?

If there is anything else you'd like to share, please do so here.

Feel free to list any other resources / information that you would like us to know, or upload any documents that can help us in creating your messaging.

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