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Skyrocket your LinkedIn outreach & close more clients.

Reach more prospects and scale your outreach process quickly with our LinkedIn automation software. Built for B2B, B2C, & B2E. 

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Upgrade Your LinkedIn Into A

Lead Generating Machine.

LinkedIn is the prime location to find new and qualified prospects for your business. With over 700+ million active professionals on the platform, the possibilities are endless. Our simple to use software allows you to automate your LinkedIn outreach, helping you reach more people much faster.

Target Your Prospects.

Hone in on your target audience and reach specific prospects through various filtering methods.

Generate More Leads.

Set up automated campaigns to reach out to qualified customers and increase your closing rate.

Grow Your Network.

Quickly grow your professional network with our automated systems, and meet your next client much faster.

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Why Premier Connect?

Premier Connect is an easy-to-use sales engagement platform that fast tracks your lead generation & outbound sales. Our solution has helped users scale & develop their revenues by providing an affordable way to generate leads. Premier Connect turns your LinkedIn profile into a lead converting sales machine. Some of our advanced features enable you to automate & close deals faster than ever imagined. 

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Your Network is Your Net-Worth!

Get everything in one place: Campaigns, reports, and more. Premier Connect makes it easier than ever to get the most out of your LinkedIn account.

Grow your Network.

Automatically grow your network & connect with the right people. You can run multiple connection campaigns simultaneously.

Generate More Leads.

Set up an unlimited number of follow-up message sequences to triple your conversion rate using our reply-detection feature.

Get More Out of Sales Navigator.

Most people have Sales Navigator but very few have a concrete workflow in place. Amplify your Sales Navigator account.

Build Brand Awareness.

Include multiple links to your website & services in all your automated LinkedIn campaigns to build brand awareness & increase visitors.

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Accelerate Your Results.

Advanced Automation

Personalize your campaigns for that human touch. Capture keywords that make each connection unique & more personal for more unique messaging outreach.

Unlimited Follow-ups

Set up an unlimited amount of follow-up messages in all of your campaigns. Nurture every lead and never miss another sales opportunity again.

Analyze & Create Reports

Grow leads faster using data-driven strategies. Through your Dashboard, you will understand why your lead generation is or isn’t working and can generate better leads, faster.


Manage your leads with multiple data organization options like our customizable inbox filters, unlimited webhooks & native integration with your CRM.

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A Trusted Platform.

Premier Connect has been helping businesses reach new prospects for 3+ years, and we continue to provide the same amazing service each and every day. 95% of customers stay on average of 18 months.

Customer Success & Support

Dedicated support team to guide & onboard you through your automation journey for success. We’re an established team with technical expertise in LinkedIn & Cloud-based Automation.

Easy To Use Platform You Will Love

Build your campaign in minutes with our intuitive & easy to use interface. It is simple, reliable & comprehensive navigation to get things done. We are one of the Top Lead Generation Companies

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Our tool has limitations and usage to comply with LinkedIn rules with a combination of advanced algorithms. Alongside that, we provide dedicated IP’s which have led us to have a 0% ban rate.

You can send a maximum of ~3,000 total types of requests out as that is the limitation we put on to keep all accounts secure and compliant.

Yes, you will need at least a Sales Navigator Core account to be able to do the targeting required. Sometimes we will use outside third-party data as well if needed which we can further discuss.

Yes, you can do it at any time.

Our results so far from the average LinkedIn invite acceptance rate is 40%. Note: Every industry/profile is different. There are multiple factors like your message copy, LinkedIn profile optimization, time, as well as target profile, and industry.

Get More Results.

Reach more prospects and scale your outreach process quickly with our LinkedIn automation software.

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